What is Deceptive Technology?

Cyberattacks are getting worse each day. DDoS attacks, ransomware, phishing attacks, data breaches are just a few of the biggest dangers a company can face. But can you do something to protect your business against all these ever-evolving cyber attacks? Yes, you can be smart and use the latest method of defending yourself – Deceptive technology! 

​Why deception?

Deception tactics have been in use for thousands of years. Militaries have used deception to trick their opponents on the battlefield to get leverage, direct a battle, move troops to the right place, and many more sneaky tricks. 

The deception works by fooling the attack into doing exactly what the defendant wants it to do. That way, they can negate the negative effect and even counterattack. 

​What is Deceptive Technology? 

Deceptive Technology is a strategic approach to cyber defense. The idea is to identify an attacker, trick the attacker, and diver its efforts to another place, a decoy or a trap. The decoy can be a server, acting similar to the primary server, but specially prepared for these cases, so if it takes an attack, it does not affect the organization in a bad way. 

The big advantage is that Deceptive technology can analyze the behavior of the hackers, even if they are trying to use zero-day attacks, and offer alert and protective behavior automatically, without humans intervening. 

Deceptive Technology is usually additional protection, not the only security measure an organization takes. It is like the last defense, again worse attacks. 

​How does the deception work?

The company using Deceptive Technology sets decoys, hides its main servers, and sets misleading information that attacks could find to redirect the attack. 

It does not work based on logs, and reports like a typical information and event management solution would do. 

When the attack happens and the criminals byte the bait, the security team will receive an alert with information about the current threat. The team can see the tactics the criminals are using, exactly what vulnerability they are exploiting, and have time to prepare a way to shut down the attack. 

​Why is Deception Technology Important?

There are a few main points, why Deceptive Technology is so important:

  • Improved threat detection. The Deception Technology can serve as a periscope that can accurately see the threats and still have broad coverage. It can detect the various types of incoming troubles, not just signature-based ones, that you already have a defense. 
  • Risk awareness. Having this extra security measure, you will see what kind of risks are there for your company. You can test different scenarios like setting up a fake “new product” page and see if somebody tries to hack it and how. 
  • Low false positive. There are a lot fewer alarms set up by false signals. That way, you can save a lot of effort for your security team and not waste their time with false-positive alerts


Deceptive Technology is not for every business. It is mostly focused on the 1% that needs the best possible protection that is out there. It is an additional level of security that not all enterprises can effort, but it can be very effective and save a lot of trouble for the victims. 

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