DDoS protected DNS service: Who can benefit from it?

What does DDoS protected DNS service stand for?

DDoS protected DNS service is a robust network with servers strategically placed around the world. Servers are pretty adept at distributing the traffic loads. To be alert for any potential attacks. When there are noticeable traffic peaks, the load is divided across the servers in the network. More staff will remain employed by your company if an attacker successfully takes down a server instead of causing downtime.

DDoS attacks: what are they exactly?

A cyberattack known as a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) aims to bring down your website, network, or service. This is typically done by flooding your server with bandwidth until it crashes or using a DNS or protocol weakness, such as the UDP flaw, to triple the traffic to your website or service.

DDoS attacks can take many forms and frequently bring down significant firms like Amazon. As a result, you put yourself at serious risk if you don’t have enough protection. Any attack on one of your “neighbors” will also affect you if you use shared hosting.

How can we secure our DNS with DDoS protected DNS service?

Despite how terrifying an attack may sound, we can attempt to defend ourselves. Use of DNS with DDoS protection is possible. It is a tool with various weapons for fending off an attack. Although it is an additional service that is optional, it is crucial for the security of your business. If you have it, you may be sure your entire company won’t be forced to close one day.

The service is typically paid for because it provides several tools like:

  1. Tracking traffic

Putting in place a traffic monitoring system is an excellent idea. It enables you to determine whether you are under attack rapidly. How will I find out? – Your website’s traffic will grow in an oddly significant way.

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  1. Action software

The prior approach will let you know that you are being attacked, but what will you do? By rerouting requests, filtering them, and putting in place an alarm system, actionable software is typically used to stop this.

  1. DNS load balancing

You’ll disperse the query demand using this system. Therefore, a successful attack is less likely for the more Domain Name System servers you include in your scheme.

You can also look for potential attacks on news feeds, articles, and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. These can warn you of an oncoming assault so you can take swift action to defend yourself.


Now that you are aware of how dangerous a DDoS attack on your website or application may be. However, there are many ways to protect yourself from it. How? Employing a DDoS protected DNS service.

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